Sunday, 18 June 2017

Always aware of God's Unconditional

In those moments of rapture, when we know ourselves to be held in God’s unconditional love joy is all we know and in the numerous moments of mundane life that depression, disappointment, worry, greed, envy, and self-doubt over take our joy and push from our awareness God’s unconditional love while still we are held within his arms.

Gratitude journals have become popular within journaling communities.  Some formats provide a page for each month to be filled with moments of gratitude, others provide a space in a weekly format to record the things we are grateful for and still others provide a space in a daily log.

And the power of depression, disappointment, worry, greed, envy and self-doubt to separate us from the joy of knowing ourselves held within God’s unconditional love.

If we lived always aware of the wings upon which we stand all of the books in the world would not be able to hold all of the moments of gratitude of one human being in one day.

Grandma Snyder
©2013-2017 twosnydergirls

Lectionary readings Exodus 19:2-8a; Psalm 100; Romans 5:1-8; Matthew 9:35–10:8, (9-23).

Friday, 16 June 2017

Garden Quiche

Quiche is a family go to meal so this week we are sharing one of our favourite combinations.

From Our Table to Yours

Garden Quiche
1/2 red pepper chopped
1 cup asparagus chopped
1 cup sliced mushrooms
2 shallots chopped
3 eggs
1/3 cup milk
1 cup shredded Swiss cheese
1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper (you can use more if you enjoy the heat)
1 pie shell

Chop all vegetables
Beat eggs and milk together, add cayenne pepper
Spread Swiss cheese over bottom of pie shell
Add all chopped vegetables to the pie shell
Pour egg mixture over top
Bake 350 for 40 minutes or until the centre is firm

Grandma Snyder

©2013 -2017 twosnydergirls

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Wild Yellow Lady's Slipper

Five images of  Yellow Lady's Slipper Cypripedium parviflorum var pubescens 
as seen from the Georgian Bay Coast Trail 

Grandma Snyder
©2013-2017 twosnydergirls

Friday, 9 June 2017

Pork Chops in Rhubarb Sauce

Rhubarb is not just for dessert it also adds amazing flavour to meats.  

In this recipe the pork chops simmer in the combined juices of the rhubarb, ginger, garlic and shallots before being plated with maple syrup drizzled over them.
We hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we do.

Pork Chops in Rhubarb Sauce

  • 6 pork tenderloin chop
  • 2 teaspoons olive oil
  • 2 shallots chopped
  • 2 garlic clothes chopped
  • 2 inches of fresh ginger minced
  • 6 medium stems of rhubarb cleaned and chopped
  • 1/4 cup or water
  • ½ maple syrup

  1. Brown pork chops in a deep dish ovenware pot we use cast iron and set aside
  2. In them same pot sauté shallots, garlic and ginger until aromatic
  3. Return pork chops and any juice to the pan, chopped rhubarb and water cover and bake at 350 for 60 minutes or until the meat is cooked
  4. Plate the meat and drizzle with the maple syrup serve.

From Our Table to Yours

Grandma Snyder

©2013 – 2017 twosnydergirls

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

When Geese Take Over

Five images taken at the Port Elgin Pier of a park taken over by Canadian Geese.


Grandma Snyder
©2013 - 2017 twosnydergirls

Saturday, 3 June 2017

I will pour out my Spirit

In those days I will give my Spirit to my servants, both men and women
Acts 2:18.

The Holy Spirit is not the exclusive right of holy men, no God pour out his spirit on all the peoples of the earth who through faith believe and

There are different ways to serve the same Lord, and we can each do different things. Yet the same God works in all of us and helps us in everything we do.1 Corinthians 12:5-6

The Holy Spirit brings to life each human beings their unique gift in the serve of God’s unconditional love for all creation. 

The Spirit have given each of us a special way of serving others.1 Corinthians 12:7

In this way we come to know that all human life is precious, necessary and it is not our sameness that God desires, it is our uniqueness that the Holy Spirit brings to life.

Thus it is that “the Lord will save everyone who asks for his help”Acts 2:21

It is our uniqueness that brings glory to God, we each have but ask and the Holy Spirit will fill us and joy is ours.  

We are all called, all are necessary in God’s sight.

Grandma Snyder
©2013-2017 twosnydergirls

 Lectionary Readings Acts 2:1-21; Psalm 104:24-34, 35b;1 Corinthians 12:3b-13; John 20:19-23.


Grandma Snyder ©2013-2017 twosnydergirls